Simmons defines durability in hospitality bedding. With 135 years in the bedding industry, Simmons has decades of experience designing and developing products that meet the demand for durability that the hospitality business insists on. Bedding products aren’t going to be preferred by 16 of the top 20 hotel companies if they aren’t durable.

Pocketed Coil® Springs

With Pocketed Coil® spring technology, Simmons doubles the durability, using twice the steel of traditional innerspring mattresses. Each coil is made of heavy gauge steel that’s pre-compressed, then placed in a tough, pliable, non-allergenic fabric pocket, so the surface consistently conforms to the unique shape of each guest for a better night’s sleep. Add in non-flexing steel struts, and Pocketed Coil® spring technology reduces motion transfer while directing coil energy to the top of the mattress for superior support.

EnduroTECH™ Foundation

Durability is value, and the EnduroTECH™ mattress foundation delivers both. Designed to withstand years of intense use (and abuse), the EnduroTECH™ mattress foundation comes at the same cost as a traditional foundation.

The EnduroTECH mattress foundation provides hotels with the durability and reliability they’ve come to expect from Simmons Hospitality Bedding, while offering a simple way for properties to further their environmental stories, thanks to the unit’s natural material construction. The wood in the EnduroTECH™ foundation is sourced from forests certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and can be recycled at the end of a foundation’s 20 year useful life. EnduroTECH also has a twenty year warranty.

How durable is the EnduroTECH™ foundation? EnduroTECH™ has been subjected to grueling, repetitive impacts from a free-falling 175-pound weight dropped from a 24-inch height to test consistency of performance. Not only is the EnduroTECH foundation incredibly durable, it is also environmentally responsible. Because EnduroTech foundations are specifically designed to minimize the need for alloys and synthetic elements, they contain a higher natural material content than traditional box springs and may be recycled once they have reached the end of their useful life.

Product Testing

Simmons subjects its mattress products to a rigorous set of tests designed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), a highly regarded standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services around the world. The tests Simmons uses are drawn from ASTM’s Standard Test Methods for Evaluation of Innersprings and Box springs, (ASTM 1566-99).

The first test is called “Cornell” (STP 601-08) and involves trying to destroy a mattress surface to evaluate the potential for body impressions, dimpling, and loss of firmness and coil damage. Researchers look for how well the mattress spreads weight and measure any depressions in the surface.

Next is the “Octagonal Rollator”, (STP 603-08), designed to simulate wear on the surface and coils over time. Researchers measure how much the mattress ages and evaluate for loss of height, coil damage, and loss of firmness.

Load Deflection (STP 604-08) measures firmness before, during, and after cycles of testing to statistically establish changes in firmness, potential load, and the pressure needed to flex the mattress surface.

Pressure Mapping (STP 606-08) measures the resistance of the mattress surface to the pressure of an actual human body. Using color-coded mapping, this test identifies where the mattress surface can obstruct or constrict blood flow, causing people to move during sleep. Movement interrupts sleep, causing disruption of the sleep cycle and leaving people feeling sluggish and tired. Pressure Mapping is an important tool for predicting and quantifying the comfort of a mattress and how it can impact sleep quality.

The torturous testing Simmons puts its mattress products through is part of a long tradition going back 135 years, of innovation, testing, and more innovation. Durability doesn’t come on its own. Only with constant research and rigorous testing can a product reach Simmons’ standard for durability.

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