Who else but a trusted leader in the bedding industry like Simmons could create a revolution in hospitality bedding? Simmons leads the bedding industry with innovations like EverNU® , the replaceable mattress top that zips off for fast and easy replacement, and the EnduroTECH™ mattress foundation made of sustainable components. Since the development of the Beautyrest® mattress in 1925, Simmons has been serving the hotel business with innovations like the unique comfort and superior conformability of Pocketed Coil® mattress technology that’s helped millions of guests sleep comfortably. It’s easy to understand why 16 out of the top 20 hotel companies prefer Simmons. If a hotel’s reputation rests on the guest experience, then the guest experience is built on the bed they sleep on.

A History of Innovation

In 1876, Zalmon G. Simmons created the first of many innovations in the bedding industry with the mass production of woven wire mattresses. By 1889, Simmons had developed a manufacturing technique for producing spiral coil springs, an innovation that reduced the price of a woven wire mattress from $12 to 95 cents, so everyone could sleep much more comfortably.

Simmons continued pioneering more improvements in the bedding industry, like the invention of a machine in 1925 that coiled wire and inserted it into fabric sleeves quickly and independently. A technological advancement, this process led to another innovation in bedding- the independent Pocketed Coil® springs, with the Simmons® Beautyrest® mattress soon following. As improvements came over the decades, Simmons learned the value of constant innovation and what it could bring to the bedding industry. In 1957, Simmons established the National Technological Center, an engineering lab that could design and develop better products for better sleep. The next year, Simmons was the first bedding company to introduce the king and queen size mattresses.

The tradition of innovation at Simmons has continued for 135 years to the present, with the development of the revolutionary Pocketed Cable Coil™ design in 2004 that alternates with classic Pocketed Coil® springs for a higher Motion Separation Index, more durability, and night after night of luxuriously undisturbed sleep. Decades of intense focus on innovation have made Simmons a recognized and trusted leader in hospitality bedding.