Around the world, the hospitality industry takes comfort in products like Beautyrest® and the recognized and trusted brands of Simmons Hospitality Bedding that give guests the comfort and conformability they expect.

Hotel Business magazine’s 2010 “Green Book” found that 16 of the world’s top 20 hotel companies preferred Simmons® Beautyrest® mattress. Simmons® became an industry leader by pioneering the development of new mattress designs, improving comfort and durability, and building in more value by introducing sustainable and renewable materials and product options.

Simmons opened its first international production facility in Monterrey, Mexico in 1923. Today, Simmons oversees fully licensed international partners who market Simmons products all over the world, partners who also handle customer service and warranty issues for the products they manufacture. Simmons’ international network of licensee and sub-licensee partners reaches more than 100 countries. Simmons also exports bedding and bedding products from U.S. plants to markets around the world.

A world of bedding options awaits the hospitality industry at the Simmons Hospitality web site. To learn more about the countries Simmons serves, please point your browser to for a complete listing of the countries we serve. You can locate a Simmons international partner for information on purchasing Simmons bedding products or contact Simmons directly at for information on a licensee near you.

Simmons, maker of the Beautyrest® mattress, preferred by the world’s best hoteliers, serves the hospitality industry with innovations like advanced, environmentally responsible mattress designs and unique sleep technologies so guests around the globe get a refreshing night’s sleep. Simmons Hospitality Bedding- giving guests the comfort they expect, and hotels around the world the value they deserve.

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