Simmons Hospitality Bedding serves hotels and their guests around the globe with sustainable innovations like advanced mattress designs that use components made from renewable materials. Simmons pioneered the development of new designs, upgrading the comfort and durability of hotel mattresses while introducing sustainable and renewable materials and product options like EverNU® and Universal Bed Legs.

EverNU® Removable Top

Simmons EverNU® replaceable mattress top zips off easily to quickly refresh or replacing the top upholstery layers so guests get the feeling of a new bed and the undisturbed, relaxing rest that comes with it. An optional upgrade available on Beautyrest® and Beautyrest® Black® mattresses, EverNU® can extend the comfort of a bed or customize the feel for a guest. EverNU® is sustainability and value, extending the useful life of the mattress while eliminating lost revenue nights. Because only the mattress top is replaced, beds with Simmons’ EverNU® actually cost less per night of use than traditional mattresses. EverNU® is also recyclable.

The average lifespan of a traditional hotel mattress is only seven years. One 325-bed property using EverNU® tops on every mattress would use half as many mattresses over a 28-year span as a hotel with the same number of conventional beds that replaces mattresses every seven years. By disposing of 650 fewer mattresses, the same 325-bed property is saving about 15,000 cubic feet of space in a landfill, a space roughly the size of Big Ben, London’s landmark clock tower.

Universal Bed Legs

Universal Bedlegs are fast replacing bed frames in hotels around the globe. Bed frames can be an added cost, take up storage space, and need to be disposed of at the end of their useful life. Universal Bedlegs is an innovative support system that eliminates the need to purchase bed frames because it attaches directly to the box spring.

Durable and easy to install, Universal Bedlegs are constructed of high-density polymer, are variable in height, and easy to install, requiring only one person and a power drill. Universal Bedlegs are available in 3-,5- and 7-inch heights to accommodate any hotel property, and come in pebble or walnut to blend seamlessly into any space.

Better Sleep and a Better World

Sustainability for Simmons means using more eco-friendly, natural materials in the mattresses it makes for the hospitality industry, a more environmentally conscious decision that makes good business sense too. To find out if sustainable practices matter to the guests that matter to hotels the most, Simmons asked 300 members of various frequent guest programs about the water and energy conservation programs at the hotels they stay in. Ninety-three percent report being aware of the water and energy conservation programs at the hotels they frequent. Together with Simmons, hoteliers can show they use the environmentally responsible practices that matter to their guests.

Sustainable Practices

Simmons makes products with sustainability built in. Sustainable practices might not be the reason a guest chooses a particular hotel to stay in, but they can make the guest feel good about the hotel where they choose to stay. Consumers are demanding a guest experience that’s designed and engineered with environmental protection in mind and comfort that lasts. Simmons Hospitality Bedding products are individually crafted to reduce the use of energy-consuming machines in the manufacturing process, and built with environmentally responsible components like the 100-percent recycled steel used in the Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil spring products. Simmons uses other sustainable practices like: Derived from cultivated wood fibers to be partially sustainable, many of the fabrics used in Simmons mattresses meet Oeko-Tex® 100 standards, a set of internationally recognized safety standards for harmful substances. All Simmons mattresses use polyurethane foams that are CertiPUR-US® -certified, verifying they are free from ozone-depleting CFCs, and made without PBDE flame retardants, lead, mercury, prohibited phthalates and other potentially harmful materials. Ninety percent of Simmons plants are located within 400 miles of the hotels they serve to minimize the fuel and energy used during the delivery process and leave a smaller carbon footprint. As part of its zero-waste policy, Simmons has recycled more than 23 million pounds of materials that would otherwise have gone to landfills.

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